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“This is one of the best CCUS conferences bringing together many companies, speakers, quality contacts, discussions, and presentations. The program was a great success with some great talks and a lot of good connections. Well done!” – CCUS 2023 Attendee


I’ve been going to industry conventions for 25 years and this was the most productive conversation ever! Well organized event with excellent talks.”
– CCUS 2023 Attendee

Shifting Toward a Carbon-Neutral and Sustainable Energy Future

CCUS 2024 in Houston is the best chance you’ll have to gain insights into the technical and business aspects of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage. The event will highlight current CCUS work and address related challenges, including: Subsurface Geologic Storage and Site Selection, CO₂ Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery and Utilization, Reservoir Modeling Monitoring and Risk Assessment, Case Studies, Industry Applications, Economics, Incentives, and Policy, Infrastructure, ESGs and Stakeholder Engagement, Machine Learning and Data Analytics Applications and more.

How does this benefit the petroleum industry?

CCUS offers a path to sustainable development within the petroleum industry by maximizing production from currently stranded oil reserves, reducing environmental footprint, and deploying large-scale geological storage operations to create additional revenue streams.

Where do Energy Professionals come into play?

As energy professionals we are uniquely suited to evaluate candidate storage formations and EOR fields for CCUS programs.

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