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Integrated: Geology and Geophysics
Special Sessions
  • Monday, 11 March
  • Tuesday, 12 March
  • Wednesday, 13 March
8:15 AM
  1. General Assembly A
    8:15 AM Welcome Remarks A. Haagsma*1, S. Singleton2, D. Riestenberg3(1. Michigan Geological Survey; 2. Reservoir Characterization Consultant; 3. Advanced Resources International, Inc.)
    8:25 AM Keynote: CCUS - The Opportunity and the Challenges C. Kendall*1(1. Denbury, Inc.)
9:20 AM
  1. Room 310
    Daisy Ning, Gary Myers
    9:25 AM Investigation of Mudrock Capillary Sealing Performance for CO2 Geological Storage Through Wettability and Breakthrough Pressure at High Pressure and Temperature
    M. M. Awad*1, D. Espinoza1(1. Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, University of Texas at Austin)
    9:45 AM Risk-Based Area of Review Delineation for San Juan Basin CarbonSAFE Site
    S. Chu*1, B. Chen1, R. Pawar1, J. Tu2, N. Moodie3, W. Ampomah2(1. Los Alamos National Laboratory; 2. New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology; 3. Energy and Geoscience Institute, University of Utah)
    10:05 AM Stochastic Leakage Estimates from a Carbon Storage Reservoir using NRAP Open-IAM
    S. Moopen*2, P. Suryanarayana1, J. Jephson2, H. Chan1(1. Blade Energy Partners; 2. California Resource Corporation)
  2. Room 330
    Gabriel Casanova, Manoj Valluri
    9:25 AM Elastomer Compatibility in CCUS Environments for Legacy Completions Tools Equipment
    C. Glaesman*1, S. Thatathil2(1. Chemical Engineering, SDSM&T; 2. Polymer Science, Cusat, Cochin)
    9:45 AM Vibrational Assessment of Injection Well Tubing
    W. Davies*1, Z. Owens1, I. Hur1, A. Ajdari1, V. Nirankari1, D. Datta1, A. Vytiniotis2(1. Exponent; 2. Geocomp)
    10:05 AM Assessment of Stainless Steels for CCUS Well Applications
    K. Krishnan1, C. C. Lum*2, A. Verma2(1. Halliburton, United States; 2. Halliburton, Singapore)
  3. Room 320
    Shuvajit Bhattacharya, Yanhua Yuan
    9:25 AM CO2 Plume Imaging with Accelerated Deep Learning-based Data Assimilation Using Distributed Pressure and Temperature Measurements at the Illinois Basin-Decatur Carbon Sequestration Project
    T. Sakai*1, M. Nagao1, C. Chan1, A. Datta-Gupta1, C. Yao2(1. Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University; 2. ExxonMobil Corporation)
    9:45 AM Machine Learning Assisted Legacy Well Assessment for CO2 Storage Site Selection
    I. Folmar*1, Z. Dong1, Q. Su1, J. Chen1, L. Lu1, L. dos Santos1(1. Shell USA, Inc.)
    10:05 AM Carbon Storage Technical Viability Approach and National Data Assessment
    M. Mark-Moser*1, C. G. Creason1, J. Mulhern2, J. Shay2, A. Lara3, K. Rose1(1. National Energy Technology Laboratory, US DOE; 2. NETL Support Contractor; 3. Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education)
  4. General Assembly A
    Izaak Ruiz, Katerina Yared
    9:25 AM Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (Carbon SAFE): Catalyzing Carbon Storage for a Sustainable Future
    G. Rosen*1, T. Rodosta1, W. Aljoe1(1. Fossil Energy & Carbon Management, US Department of Energy)
    9:45 AM Balancing Existing Well Density and Data for Site Characterization With Increased Leakage Risk: Finding Solutions from a Prior US DOE Carbon Storage Project.
    M. Cuilik*1, R. Monson1, V. Kuuskraa1, R. Choquette2, B. Wernette3(1. Advanced Resources International; 2. Tenaska; 3. Southern States Energy Board)
    10:05 AM Navigating the NEPA and EA Process: Wyoming CarbonSAFE Project at Dry Fork Station as a Case Study
    C. Sowecke*1, J. Honeycutt1, J. McLaughlin2, S. Quillinan2(1. Trihydro Corporation; 2. University of Wyoming)
10:55 AM
  1. General Assembly A
    Erkan Ay, Sahar Bakhshian
    11:00 AM Risk-based Legacy Well Modelling Provides Subsurface Risk Assessment and leak quantification in CO2 Storage.
    M. SEFAT2, S. Degroote1, S. Patterson1, S. Degroote1, R. Lang1, S. Rippe*1(1. TotalEnergies; 2. Petroleum Engineering, Heriot Watt University)
    11:20 AM Wells CO2 Leak prediction & Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
    D. A. Vazquez Anzola1, S. Sousa1, D. Camilleri1, S. Baines*1, H. R. Smyth1(1. Halliburton)
    11:40 AM Establishing Triggers for Shallow Aquifer Impairment Identification
    B. McAlexander1, C. Sowecke*1, M. Van Amburg1(1. Trihydro Corporation)
  2. Room 320
    Luis Paz, Caroline Wachtman
    11:00 AM CO2-Soluble Foamers for Enhanced CO2 Sweep, CO2 Storage and Oil Recovery
    R. Singh1, A. Katiyar*1, A. Hassanzadeh1, P. Akhade1, M. Crosley1, E. Groothuis1, P. Rozowski1, Q. Nguyen2(1. The Dow Chemical Company; 2. The University of Texas at Austin)
    11:20 AM The Impact of Depositional Environment on Reservoir Quality for CO2-EOR and CO2 Storage Potential within a Residual Oil Zone, Salt Creek Oil Field, Wyoming
    R. Ness*1, L. Fritz1, B. Roth1, D. Riestenberg1, G. J. Koperna1, E. Robertson2(1. Geology, Advanced Resources International, Inc.; 2. Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute)
    11:40 AM Novel CO2 Foamed Fracturing Fluid for Acid Fracturing: From Lab to Field Deployment
    P. Karadkar*1, A. Malik2, A. Ali2, T. Shehri1(1. EXPEC ARC , Saudi Aramco; 2. SAPED, Saudi Aramco)
  3. Room 330
    Joel Le Calvez, Brad Cey
    11:00 AM Risk-based Adaptive Monitoring Plan Framework
    E. Gasperikova*1, V. Vasylkivska2, X. Yang3, Y. Tian3, L. Huang5, B. Chen5, A. Hanna4, A. Kirol4(1. EGD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 2. NETL; 3. LLNL; 4. PNNL; 5. LANL)
    11:20 AM Informing Monitoring Strategies through Modelling: Fluid Identification using Borehole Methods
    G. Papageorgiou*1, M. Chapman1(1. Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh)
    11:40 AM Geology and Reservoir Simulation-guided Time-lapse Seismic Modeling for CO2 Plume Detection in an Onshore CCS Site: Lessons Learned
    S. Bhattacharya*1, S. Bakhshian1, B. Gremillion1(1. The University of Texas at Austin)
  4. Room 310
    Nihal Darraj
    Panelist Syrie Crouch, Xiron Global
    Panelist Erik Funkhouser, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University
    Panelist Roberto Pérez, Petrobras
    Panelist Brendan Cooke, Rystad Energy, Calgary
1:35 PM
  1. General Assembly A
    Zsofia Poros, Rahul Umrani
    1:40 PM Quantitative Characterization of Subsurface Triassic Sandstone Reservoirs for CO2 Storage - Case Study of the P18 Field, The Netherlands
    H. Alwagdani*1, F. Nader2(1. Saudi Aramco; 2. IFP Energie Nouvelles)
    2:00 PM Enhancing CO2 Storage Complex Characterization in the Williston Basin: An Integrated Approach of Petrophysical Evaluation and Core Analysis
    S. Djezzar1, A. Boualam1, C. Barajas-Olalde1, T. Richards1, B. Kurz1, K. MacLennan*1(1. Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota)
    2:20 PM Bow Valley Carbon Hub: A Test of Geological Storage in Canada's Devonian Carbonate Platforms
    D. J. Hills1(1. Entropy Inc., Calgary)
    2:40 PM DOE’s Carbon Transport and Storage Program: Supporting Storage Infrastructure Build-Out Critical for Decarbonization
    S. Forbes1, T. Rodosta1, W. Aljoe2, D. Damiani1, K. Dooley1, M. McKoy3, R. Pawar1, G. Rosen1, R. W. Smith1(1. Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, U.S. Department of Energy; 2. National Energy Technology Laboratory; 3. National Energy Technology Laboratory)
  2. Room 330
    Julie Bloxson, Guoxiang Zhang
    1:40 PM Sequestration in Volcaniclastics: In-situ Rock-Fluid Interactions
    J. Omma*1, M. Flannery1, I. Faoro1, E. Krukowski1, R. Schulze1, M. Green1, N. Garcia1, W. Dorsey1, R. Watson1, R. Mendoza1, K. Jenkins1(1. Stratum Reservoir)
    2:00 PM Assessing the Influence of Reservoir Geochemistry, Pore Structure, and Reservoir Fluids on CO2 Diffusion and Leakage in Organic-Rich Mudrocks and Seal Rocks
    I. Gomaa*1, Z. Heidari1(1. Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)
    2:20 PM Carbonated Brine Injection as a Low-Risk CO2 Storage Strategy: A Case Study for Inyan Kara Sandstone Reservoir
    W. Xiong*1, Z. Belarbi1, R. Thomas2, D. Crandall2, M. Tesfu3, M. Taunton3, R. Klapperich3, M. Kurz3(1. Leidos, National Energy Technology Laboratory; 2. National Energy Technology Laboratory; 3. Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota)
    2:40 PM Solvent Regeneration for Carbon Capture through Mineralization
    C. V. Oeiyono1, R. Ratnakar2, K. K. Mohanty1(1. Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas at Austin; 2. Shell International)
  3. Room 320
    Esuru Okoroafor, Seyyed Hosseini
    1:40 PM Impact of Small-Scale Heterogeneity on Field-Scale Simulations of CO2 Geologic Storage
    J. E. Ubillus1, H. Ni2, S. Bakhshian2, D. DiCarlo1, T. Meckel2(1. Hildebrand Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, University of Texas at Austin; 2. Bureau of Economic Geology)
    2:00 PM Simulation of CO2 Plume in the Arbuckle Group Utilizing Pressure Monitoring Wells and Historical Production/Injection Records
    B. Milad*1, B. Allen1, N. Hayman1, R. Moghanloo2(1. Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy - Oklahoma Geological Survey, University of Oklahoma; 2. Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma)
    2:20 PM Carbon Storage Simulation near the Saturation Pressure and Critical Point of CO2
    L. Nghiem1, S. Gorucu*1, V. Shrivastava1, G. Zhang1(1. CMG Ltd, Calgary)
    2:40 PM Assessment of Approaches to Manage Area of Review for CCUS Projects
    M. Zulqarnain*2, M. Valluri1, Z. Freund1, A. Duguid1, M. Godec1(1. Advanced Resources International; 2. Advanced Resources International)
  4. Room 310
    Erkan Ay, Daisy Ning
    1:40 PM Environmental and Financial Risk Assessment of Leakage in Geologic CO2 Storage
    S. Bakhshian*1, A. Farhadinia1, S. Hovorka1(1. University of Texas at Austin)
    2:00 PM Probabilistic Assessment of Caprock Integrity during CO2 Injection using Response Surface Method and Multilaminate Model
    S. Lee*1, F. R. Mohamed1, K. Lee1, B. McPherson2, R. Balch3, S. Yoon1(1. SLB; 2. University of Utah; 3. New Mexico Tech)
    2:20 PM The Implementation Underground CO2 Sequestration: Caprock Integrity Analysis on the Todilto Shale of San Juan Basin
    I. Primasari*2, W. Ampomah2, H. Y. Chen2, J. Tu1, D. Bui1, D. Ulmer-Scholle3, S. Chu3(1. University of Utah; 2. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; 3. Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    2:40 PM Wyoming DF CarbonSAFE Project Leakage Risk Assessment
    S. Chu*1, Z. Jiao2, M. Johnson2, Q. Kang1(1. Los Alamos National Laboratory; 2. Center for Economic Geology Research, University of Wyoming)
3:35 PM
  1. General Assembly A
    Carmen Dumitrescu, Amanda Ardill
    3:40 PM Nationwide Cost and Capacity Screening for Geologic CO2 Storage in Onshore and Offshore Saline Formations
    J. Ogland-Hand1, B. Adams1, J. Bennett1, P. Johnson1, E. Middleton1, C. Talmsa1, R. Middleton*1(1. Carbon Solutions LLC)
    4:00 PM Developing the First Commercial Carbon Storage Project in the Virginia Valley and Ridge – Wildcat Exploration in the Fold-and-thrust Appalachians
    L. Koehn*1, P. Prince2, U. Orivri3, R. Pollyea2(1. Department of Geosciences, Virginia Tech; 2. Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research, Virginia Tech; 3. Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering, Virginia Tech)
    4:20 PM Looking for Storage in Non-Traditional Places – Exploring the Alabama Valley and Ridge Carbonates for CO2 Storage Potential
    J. W. Koster1, G. J. Koperna1, D. Riestenberg1, R. Esposito2, B. Wernette3(1. Advanced Resources International; 2. Southern Company; 3. Southern States Energy Board)
    4:40 PM Mapping Small-scale Fractures for Geological Carbon Storage Site Selection using Elastic P and S Waves with Double-beam Neural Network (DBNN) Method
    Y. Zheng*1, J. McNease1, L. Huang2, B. DeVault3(1. Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston; 2. Los Alamos National Lab; 3. Vecta Oil and Gas, Ltd.)
  2. Room 320
    Seyyed Hosseini, Lisa Lun
    3:40 PM Understanding Thermal-Induced Risks on CO2 Storage Capacity and Caprock Integrity Integrating Real World CCS Data and Geomechanical Modeling of a Saline Aquifer in Central Alberta
    X. Wang*1, Z. Chen1, M. Gillrie2, S. Chen1(1. Engineering, GLJ Ltd., Calgary; 2. Geoscience, GLJ Ltd., Calgary)
    4:00 PM Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Workflow to Investigate Near-Wellbore Stress Changes in Carbon Sequestration
    A. P. Indro1, E. R. Okoroafor1(1. Harold-Vance Petroleum Engineering Department, Texas A&M University)
    4:20 PM Commercial Scale CO2 Injection into Faulted Depleted Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
    J. M. Hershberger1, P. Ravi Ganesh1, B. Petras1, J. Sminchak1, N. Gupta1(1. Battelle Memorial Institute)
    4:40 PM SEAM CO2: Advancing CO2 Storage Monitoring through Integrated Reservoir, Geomechanical and Geophysical Simulation
    I. Barranco*1, L. Zhuo1, D. Thornton1, J. Stefani2, W. Abriel3, S. Yoon4, R. Prioul4, A. Rodriguez-Herrera4, W. Bailey4 , M. Branston4 , M. Fehler5, &. SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation (SEAM) CO2 Project Participants(1. Chevron; 2. Graywacke Geophysics; 3. Orinda Geophysical; 4. SLB; 5. Fehler Consulting LLC.)
  3. Room 310
    Gabriel Casanova, Rami Jasser
    3:40 PM Investigation of Scale Deposition and Wellbore Corrosion in Carbonated Brine Injection: A Simulation Study
    Z. Belarbi*1, M. Tesfu2, M. Taunton2, R. Klapperich2, M. Kurz2, R. Hall3, D. Crandall1, R. Thomas1, W. Xiong1(1. National Energy Technology Laboratory; 2. Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota; 3. NGL Energy Partners)
    4:00 PM A Screening Framework for Evaluating Legacy Offshore Wells in the Gulf of Mexico for Geologic Carbon Storage
    G. Lackey*1, S. Pantaleone1, J. Montgomery2, K. Busse2(1. Geologic Environmental Systems, National Energy Technology Laboratory; 2. ExxonMobil)
    4:20 PM Case Study: Completion of the Blue Flint Injection Well MAG 2: Fiber Optic Orientation and Mapping in a Wellbore Containing Chrome Casing Using a High-resolution Acoustic Evaluation System
    J. Cron*1, W. H. Armstrong1, Z. Liu2, C. Stevens2, R. Potvin3, C. Bourgeois3, G. Simpson3(1. Geostock Sandia, LLC; 2. Harvestone Low Carbon Partners; 3. DarkVision Technologies Inc, North Vancouver)
    4:40 PM A Method of Completion Technology Evaluation, Adaption, and Qualification for the CCS Well Environment
    F. Murray1, D. Adkins*1(1. Completion Tools, Halliburton)
  4. Room 330
    Joel Le Calvez, Michel Verliac
    3:40 PM A Low-Cost Seismic Acquisition System with Permanent Controlled Linear Vibratory Sources and Autonomous Seismic Sensors for Site Characterization, Plume Front Mapping, and Real-Time Seismicity Monitoring for CCUS
    S. Li*1, T. Chen1, X. Fang1, N. Brooks1, G. Knapo1, H. Wilkinson2(1. SensorEra; 2. GPUSA)
    4:20 PM Continuous Seismic Monitoring with Distributed Acoustic Sensing and Surface Orbital Vibrators: Case Study from the Red Trail Energy Project
    J. Correa*1, T. Wood1, B. M. Freifeld4, Z. Xue3, T. Miyoshi3, T. Nakajima3, T. Richards5, C. Barajas-Olalde5, D. Burns2(1. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 2. Red Trail Energy; 3. Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth; 4. Class VI Solutions, Inc.; 5. Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota)
    4:40 PM Continuous Probing of CO2 Plume Properties using in-situ Strain-rate Measurements
    S. Glubokovskikh*1, B. Gurevich2, O. Collet2, P. Shashkin2, R. Pevzner2(1. Energy Geosciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 2. Center for Exploration Geophysics, Curtin University, Bentley)
8:15 AM
  1. General Assembly A
    8:15 AM Department of Energy (DOE) Carbon Management Initiatives A. Raddatz*1(1. U.S. Department of Energy)
9:20 AM
  1. General Assembly A
    Sahar Bakhshian, Hosein Kalaei
    9:25 AM The Role of Injection Method on Residual Trapping from Pore-Scale Samples to Core-Scale Samples
    C. Spurin*1, S. Ellman2, T. Bultreys2, S. Benson1, H. Tchelepi1(1. Energy Science & Engineering , Stanford University; 2. Ghent University)
    9:45 AM Impact of Well Geometry and Stimulation on CO2 Injectivity Into Saline Aquifers with Challenging Underlying Geological Properties
    S. Raziperchikolaee*1, W. G. Payne1, M. Sheahan1(1. Battelle Carbon Services, Battelle)
    10:05 AM Measurement of Water Content in Carbon Dioxide at Reservoir Conditions
    T. Zhainakov*1, E. Hoffmann1, J. Wegner1(1. PVT & Phase Behavior , HOT Microfluidics GmbH, Goslar)
  2. Room 320
    Clifford Kelley, Understanding Aikulola
    9:25 AM Effect of Fault Geometry and Top Seal Stratigraphy on Fault Migration of Sequestered CO2 in the Miocene section, Gulf of Mexico
    L. Salo-Salgado*1, J. Silva2, L. Lun2, C. M. Rogers2, R. Juanes1(1. Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT; 2. ExxonMobil)
    9:45 AM Periodic Risk Updating for Geologic CO2 Sequestration by Assimilating Monitoring Data
    B. Chen*1, R. Pawar1, E. Gasperikova2, T. Chen1(1. Los Alamos National Laboratory; 2. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    10:05 AM Induced Seismicity Risk Management in CCS Projects: Best Practices from Oil And Gas Experience
    H. Mandler*1, D. Baturan1, L. Hutton1(1. Seismic Monitoring Services, Nanometrics Inc., Halfmoon Bay)
  3. Room 330
    Matthias Imhof, Seyyed Hosseini
    9:25 AM Ensemble Machine Learning Proxies for Large-Scale Geological Carbon Storage
    T. Kadeethum*1, B. Jha2, S. Verzi1, H. Yoon1(1. Sandia National Laboratories; 2. University of Southern California)
    9:45 AM Using Artificial Neural Networks to Model the Reactive Transport of Carbon Mineralization
    E. Demirer1, E. C. Notebaert1, E. Abarca1, F. Grandia1, A. Idiart1, A. Nardi1, A. Iraola1, G. De Paola2, N. Rodriguez2(1. Amphos 21, Barcelona; 2. Repsol Techlabs)
    10:05 AM Digital Technologies Applications in CCS Modelling and Monitoring
    I. Barranco*1(1. Lower Carbon Geology, Chevron Technology Center)
  4. Room 310
    Izaak Ruiz, David Riestenberg
    9:25 AM New Insights into CO2 Migration Behaviour from Analysis of Monitoring Data at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project
    I. Bukar*1, R. Bell1, A. Muggeridge1, S. Krevor1(1. Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London)
    9:45 AM Aquistore: Key MMV Learnings from 8 Years of CCS in a Deep Saline Aquifer
    E. Nickel*1, Z. Movahedzadeh1(1. PTRC Sustainable Energy, Regina)
    10:05 AM An Insight into the Future of CCS: Overview of Current Class VI Permit Applications
    B. Petras*1, S. Chundur1, R. Tracy1, J. Hawkins1, S. Mishra1, J. L. Barrios1(1. Battelle)
10:55 AM
  1. General Assembly A
    Seyyed Hosseini, Sahar Bakhshian
    11:00 AM Assessment of Pressure Interference in Alberta’s Proposed Carbon Storage Hubs
    R. Pockar*1, G. MacMilan2, N. Sweet1, A. Gibbs1, N. Giraldo2(1. Canadian Discovery Ltd, Calgary; 2. Fluid Domains Inc, Cochrane)
    11:20 AM Assessing the Applicability of Analytical Equations for Predicting CO2 Pressure Build-Up and Plume Migration for real Geological Conditions
    A. Watson*1, E. R. Okoroafor1(1. Texas A&M University)
    11:40 AM Well Integrity Analysis during CO2 Injection using Thermoporoelastic Model
    M. Meng*1, Y. Chen3, O. Omosebi2, L. Frash1, M. Mehana1, B. Chen1(1. Los Alamos National Laboratory; 2. Berkeley Lab; 3. LSU)
  2. Room 320
    Carlos Uroza, Erkan Ay
    11:00 AM Caprock Integrity Analysis Utilising Legacy Cores and Drill Cuttings: A Case Study from the Vienna Basin, Austria
    K. Dasgupta*1, W. Hujer1, T. Gumpenberger1, A. Metz1, E. Mekonnen1(1. TECH Center & Lab, OMV Energy)
    11:20 AM The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Risk Assessment Partnership: Delivering Tools to Support Risk-Based Decision Making for Geologic Carbon Storage Deployment.
    R. Dilmore*1, D. Appriou2, D. Bacon2, T. Chen3, A. Cihan4, E. Gasperikova4, J. K. Iyer5, K. Kroll5, M. Mehana3, D. J. Morgan1, B. Strazisar1(1. U.S. DOE, National Energy Technology Laboratory; 2. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; 3. Los Alamos National Laboratory; 4. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 5. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
    11:40 AM Risk Based and Proportionate Measure, Monitoring and Verification (MMV) Plans that Meet Key Regulations
    D. A. Vazquez Anzola1, S. Baines*1(1. Halliburton, Perth)
  3. Room 330
    Nihal Darraj, Ross Harrison
    11:00 AM Navigating Pore Space Leasing: Essential Provisions and Pitfalls for Effective Carbon Capture Utilization & Sequestration
    J. L. Graves1, P. V. Franke2(1. Graves & Co. Consulting LLC; 2. Polsinelli PC)
    11:20 AM Permissibility of Offshore Storage Under International and Regional Conventions
    L. Østgaard*1, I. Ombudstvedt1(1. IOM Law)
    11:40 AM Public Loans for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage: An Innovation Success Story of the Application Process
    M. Costello*1(1. DoE)
  4. Room 310
    Oumer Tahir
    Panelist George J Koperna, Advanced Resources International, Inc.
    Panelist Fred Majkut, SLB
    Panelist David Mannon, IPT Well Solutions
    Panelist Carolyn Seto, S&P Global Commodity Insights
1:35 PM
  1. Room 310
    Friso Veenstra, Maria Pacheco
    1:40 PM How Close is Too Close? The Importance of Pressure Space for Storage Project Development
    A. Bump*1(1. Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin)
    2:00 PM Calibrating Performance Prediction for Large-Scale Injection
    C. C. Okezie*1, A. Bump2, S. Hovorka2(1. Energy and Earth Resources, University of Texas at Austin; 2. Bureau of Economic Geology)
    2:20 PM Applying Boundary Conditions for Large Aquifer Models in Geological CO2 Storage Projects; Why and How?
    Y. Ghomian*1, M. Bennett1, I. Petrovska Marchiano1(1. Chevron Corp USA)
    2:40 PM Advanced CO2 Storage Capacity Estimation with EASiTool V.5
    Z. W. Wang1, S. Hosseini1(1. Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin)
  2. Room 330
    Mike Formolo, Sahar Bakhshian
    1:40 PM Quantification of the Dynamics of Fluid Flow in CO2 Injection Zones Through Laboratory Testing on Multiple Rock Types
    S. Drylie*1, B. Dindoruk2, R. Fyfe1(1. Core Laboratories; 2. University of Houston)
    2:00 PM Impact of Relative Permeability Hysteresis and Capillary Pressure on Trapping Mechanisms During CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers
    A. Khanal*1, M. Khan1, R. Singh2(1. The University of Texas at Tyler; 2. Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology)
    2:20 PM Mineral Precipitation and Implications for CO2 Injection in the Near-Wellbore Region
    E. R. Okoroafor1(1. Texas A&M University)
    2:40 PM Impact of Mineralogy on CO2 Storage in Calcareous Shales
    M. Mura*1, M. Sharma1(1. UT Austin)
  3. General Assembly A
    Michel Verliac, Kris Walker
    1:40 PM Automating Geophysical Feasibility Studies for CCS Monitoring
    M. Paydayesh1, A. Shamsa1, M. Perezhogina*1(1. SLB, Crawley)
    2:00 PM True Fiber Optic Point Receivers as Vector Sensors for Downhole Array Applications
    J. B. Bunn1, P. E. Murray2(1. OptoSeis, Geospace Technologies; 2. FIP Geophysical Services)
    2:20 PM Active Seismoelectric Monitoring of CO2 Injection
    K. MacLennan*1, T. Richards1, K. McBride1, C. Barajas-Olalde1, D. Adams1(1. Energy and Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota)
    2:40 PM The AGI Technique for CO2 Monitoring in the Saline Aquifer of Krechba Field Algeria
    Z. Fayçal*1(1. Physics, University Mentouri Constantine)
  4. Room 320
    Daisy Ning, Caroline Wachtman
    1:40 PM Building Trust: How to Handle the Challenging Conversations with CCUS Stakeholders
    D. J. Hills1(1. Advanced Resources International, Inc)
    2:00 PM Stakeholder Support Through Testing and Monitoring Strategies
    C. Mack*1, S. Fuchs1, C. Adkison1, E. Lovenduski1, E. Torres1(1. Geosyntec Consultants)
    2:20 PM Impact of Societal Risks on CO2 Storage Capacity of Proposed Storage Sites
    R. Gil-Egui*2, J. E. Ubillus1, S. Hovorka2(1. Hildebrand Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, University of Texas at Austin; 2. Bureau of Economic Geology)
    2:40 PM US Department of Energy Community Benefit Plans for Carbon Management Projects: Discussing Guidance and Lessons Learned
    K. F. Roemer1(1. Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, US Department of Energy)
3:35 PM
  1. Room 310
    Carlos Uroza, Alex Bump
    3:40 PM Capillary Heterogeneity Trapping: The Importance of Pressure-Dependent Interfacial Tensions and Contact Angles
    B. Ren*1, J. Littlefield1, H. Ni2, C. Jia3(1. Aramco Americas; 2. Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin; 3. Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)
    4:00 PM Coupled Carbon Mineralization and Critical Mineral Recovery in Ultramafic Rock Reservoirs
    A. Nagurney*1, E. Kutsienyo1, Q. R. Miller1, N. Lahiri2, G. Gadikota3, J. Thakurta4, B. Gooch5, T. Schaef1(1. Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; 2. Physical and Computational Sciences Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Lab; 3. Cornell University; 4. Natural Resources Resource Institute; 5. California Geologic Survey)
    4:20 PM CO2 Re-injection into Depleted Natural CO2 Domes: A Sheep Mountain Case Study, Colorado, USA
    D. Ning*1, A. Tura1, E. Deal1, J. B. Carmichael1, E. Guiltinan2, R. Pawar2(1. Colorado School of Mines; 2. Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    4:40 PM Classifying and Categorizing Storage Resources at a North-Central Illinois Basin Storage Site
    R. OKWEN*2, F. Yang2, C. Blakley1, S. Frailey2(1. One Earth Energy LLC; 2. Illinois State Geological Survey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  2. General Assembly A
    Esuru Okoroafor, Jorge Barrios
    3:40 PM Revisiting Geomechanical Controls on the Safety and Efficacy of Basin-scale CO2 Storage
    S. Glubokovskikh*1, Y. Guglielmi1, J. Rutqvist1, A. Cihan1, M. Reagan1, P. Jordan1, H. Tounsi1, U. Mital1, M. Cao1, J. Birkholzer1(1. Energy Geosciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    4:00 PM Multi-Resolution Simulation for Efficient Pressure & Stress Calculation in Large-Scale CO2 Storage Using Pseudosteady State Pressure as Spatial Coordinate
    K. Terada*1, A. Datta-Gupta1, M. J. King1(1. Texas A&M University)
    4:20 PM Interpreting Strain Tensor Data to Characterize and Monitor Reservoirs for CO2 Storage and other Applications
    L. Murdoch*1, S. DeWolf2, L. Germanovich1, S. Roudini1, R. Moak2(1. Environmental Engineering and Earth Science, Clemson University; 2. Tensora)
    4:40 PM CCS Predictive Maintenance Enabled by Active Focused Seismic Monitoring
    H. AL KHATIB1, T. Roth2, A. Szabados2, J. Grobys2(1. SpotLight; 2. Wintershall DEA)
  3. Room 320
    Manoj Valluri, Gabriel Casanova
    3:40 PM Predicting Pure CO2 Pipeline, Wellbore and Reservoir Behavior to Enable Reliable Storage in Depleted Reservoirs
    R. Fazlyeva*1, V. Pathak1(1. Computer Modelling Group, Calgary)
    4:00 PM Zero-emission Surface Facility for Recycling CO2+NGL to Maximize Carbon Sink in Unconventional Plays
    E. Aronoff1, J. Palaia*1(1. Pioneer Energy)
    4:20 PM Designing 'Operability' into a CCS Cluster
    J. Barnes*1, B. Magumise1, P. Farias1, M. Healey1(1. Pace CCS)
    4:40 PM Meeting Class VI CCS MRV Requirements Using Unified Subsurface and Surface Measurement Technologies
    K. Oren*1(1. GeoStar Energy Partners)
  4. Room 330
    Michel Verliac, Kris Walker
    3:40 PM Advancing Areal CCUS in Complex Desert Environment: Smart DAS Uphole Acquisition with Vertical Arrays
    A. Bakulin1, I. Silvestrov1, E. O. Alfataierge1(1. EXPEC ARC, Saudi Aramco)
    4:00 PM Assessing the Feasibility of Surface-to-Surface and Borehole-to-Surface Electromagnetic Techniques for CO2 Monitoring: A Numerical Simulation Study
    T. Alyousuf*1, D. Colombo1, E. Turkoglu1, M. Almajid2, M. Shawaf2, M. Ali2(1. EXPEC Advanced Research Center, Saudi Aramco; 2. Reservoir Management Department, Saudi Aramco)
    4:20 PM Viability of Subsurface Monitoring Using Electromagnetic Methods: Measurements and Modeling from the Wyoming CarbonSAFE Site
    S. Helwig*1, D. Alumbaugh2, E. Um2, G. Moe1, S. Urquhart1(1. Zonge International Inc; 2. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    4:40 PM Harnessing the Shallow Strain Tensor for Reservoir Characterization and Pressure Monitoring: Novel Instrumentation and Results from Field Experiments
    S. DeWolf*1, R. Moak1, L. Murdoch2, L. Germanovich2(1. Tensora, Inc.; 2. Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Clemson University)
8:15 AM
  1. General Assembly A
    8:15 AM CCUS Commercial Deployment: What Will it Take to Make it Happen? C. D. McConnell1(1. University of Houston CCME)
9:20 AM
  1. Room 320
    Ali Tura, Heather Quevedo
    9:25 AM Assessing and Modeling CO2 Leakage Scenarios for CCS Risk Assessment and Monitoring Plans
    S. Yoon1, J. Stefani2, R. Prioul*1, A. Rodriguez-Herrera1, W. Bailey1, R. Birchwood1, M. Branston1 , &. SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation (SEAM) CO2 Project Participants (1. SLB; 2. Graywacke Geophysics)
    9:45 AM Carbon Storage Volume Assessment Screening Tool and Methodologies
    M. Neumaier*2, K. Bannister1, M. G. Imhof1(1. EMTEC, ExxonMobil; 2. ArianeLogiX)
    10:05 AM Applying Groundwater Protection Evaluation and Managment Tools for Class VI Wellsite Selection and Monitoring
    S. Murphy*1, J. F. Bolakas1, J. Jackson1, M. J. Teeling1(1. Environmental Standards)
  2. Room 330
    Pramod Patil, Luis Paz
    9:25 AM The Status of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Utilization in the U.S. for End of Year 2022
    M. Wallace*1(1. Advanced Resources International)
    9:45 AM Risk Considerations of Transitioning CO2-EOR Field
    G. Liu*1, M. Mehana2, R. Dilmore1, B. Strazisar1, G. Lackey1, D. J. Morgan1, L. Cunha1(1. DOE, NETL; 2. lanl)
    10:05 AM Carbon Dioxide Storage in a Natural Gas Reservoir under Strong Water Drive
    Z. Li*1, D. Hatzignatiou1, C. Ehlig-Economides1(1. Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston)
  3. Room 310
    Camelia Knapp, Kathryn Denommee
    9:25 AM The First Successful Pilot Test of Subsurface Mineralization of CO2 in Basalt in Saudi Arabia
    S. Arkadakskiy*1, Z. Ahmed1, N. Kunnummal1, J. Fedorik1, A. Shamrani1, E. Oelkers2, S. Gislason2, G. Bjornsson4, A. M. Afifi3, H. Hoteit3, T. Finkbeiner3, M. Addassi3, A. Omar3, N. Menegoni3, D. Berno3, O. Shouakar-Stash5, M. Marchesi6(1. Saudi Aramco; 2. University of Iceland; 3. King Abdullah University of Science and Research; 4. Warm Arctic ehf; 5. Isotope Tracer Technologies Inc, Waterloo; 6. Isotope Tracer Technologies Europe Srl)
    9:45 AM Meeting the Challenges of CCS Well Completion: The Northern Lights Project
    W. Wijayaseelan*1, F. Murray1(1. Completion Tools, Halliburton)
    10:05 AM US Midwest CO2 Pipelines: Factors Increasing Likelihood of Delays – A Case Study
    B. Cooke*1(1. CCUS Analysis, Rystad Energy, Calgary)
  4. General Assembly A
    Nihal Darraj, Kate Ryan
    9:25 AM Subsurface Data Analysis of 23 Class VI CCS Programs in the United States: Insights and Trends for Regulatory Compliance and Industry Best Practices
    J. Eleson*1(1. GeoIntegra Consulting, LLC)
    9:45 AM Discussion on the Common Deficiencies and Issues Observed with Class VI Applications: A Focus on EPA Region 6 Submittals
    D. Gallagher*1(1. UIC & CCS Projects, Geostock Sandia, LLC)
    10:05 AM Optimizing Testing and Monitoring Plans for Permitting Parity – EPA Class VI and CARB LCFS
    S. Fuchs*1, C. Mack1, C. Adkison1, E. Torres1(1. Geosyntec Consultants)
10:55 AM
  1. General Assembly A
    Luis Paz, Bo Ren
    11:00 AM Seepage Characteristics of Fluids in Cross-Scale Unconventional Oil Reservoirs Based on Different CO2 Miscibility Degree
    X. Liu1, H. Chen1, M. Zuo1, W. Cheng1, E. Yu*2(1. China University of Petroleum, Beijing, Beijing; 2. Peking University)
    11:20 AM Carbon Mineralization in Geochemically-reactive Formations: NMR-informed Multimodal Quantification of Carbonate Precipitation
    S. Kelly*1, Z. Kou1, P. Kelemen2, J. Tielke2, J. Leong2, D. Veselinovic4, M. J. Dick4, J. Howard3(1. Earth and Environmental Engineering , Columbia University; 2. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; 3. DigiM Solution; 4. Green Imaging Technologies, Fredericton)
    11:40 AM Demonstration of Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in a Simulated Coal Bed through Injection of Dissolved Gas
    J. M. Pope2, W. A. Bard2, G. A. Myers1(1. R&D, WellDog dba Gas Sensing Technology Corporation; 2. Carbon GeoCapture)
  2. Room 320
    Camelia Knapp, Katerina Yared
    11:00 AM Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide from a Refinery/Nitrogen Fertilizer Manufacturing Complex, Montgomery County, Kansas, and Osage County, Oklahoma
    S. McCormick*1(1. CVR Energy, Inc)
    11:20 AM A New Wind for Standardization
    I. Ombudstvedt*1, L. Østgaard1(1. IOM Law)
    11:40 AM New Repeatability Measures Applied to Sleipner
    B. Russell*1, B. Roure1(1. GeoSoftware, Calgary)
  3. Room 330
    Kate Ryan, Maria Pacheco
    11:00 AM Pathways for Reducing CCUS Costs and Scaling a Carbon Management Industry
    C. Seto*1(1. Commodity Insights, S&P Global)
    11:20 AM Modeling the Cost of Onshore CO2 Pipeline Transport and Onshore CO2 Saline Storage
    D. J. Morgan1, A. Sheriff1, M. Mark-Moser1, G. Liu1, T. Grant1, C. G. Creason1, D. Vikara1, L. Cunha1(1. National Energy Technology Laboratory)
    11:40 AM Identifying Opportunities and Cost for CO2 Capture at Power and Industrial Facilities in the United States
    J. Bennett*1, K. Sale1, D. Rodriguez1, C. Talmsa1, C. Gilhooley1, V. Lubeck1, E. Middleton1, R. Middleton1(1. Carbon Solutions LLC)
  4. Room 310
    Ross Harrison
    Panelist Samuel Krevor, Imperial College London
    Panelist Sundhya Sundar Ram, Shell
    Panelist Traci Rodosta, U.S. Department of Energy
    Panelist Ola Miljeteig, Equinor
12:00 PM
  1. Room 332
    12:00 PM Characterizing Depositional Variability in the Frio Sandstone through Detailed Sedimentological Core Description: Insights for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)
    N. Foote*1, A. Lochan2, B. Kostic1, A. Neal1(1. Badley Ashton, Horncastle; 2. bp)
    12:00 PM Characterization of a Saline Aquifer Unit as a Prime Candidate for CCS: Case Study of the Basal Cambrian Sandstone, Canada
    D. Herbers*1, T. Hauck1, J. Gordon2(1. Alberta Geological Survey, Edmonton; 2. Spectrum Geosciences, Calgary)
    12:00 PM The Effect of Natural Fractures on the CO2 Injection and Storage Capacity in a Tight Sandstone Reservoir, Implication for the Identification of New Geological Storage Zones, St. Lawrence Platform, Quebec
    E. Konstantinovskaya2, J. Marcil*1, J. Rivero3, V. Vallega3(1. Geosciences, Utica Resources, Levis; 2. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton; 3. SLB, Calgary)
    12:00 PM Estimation of CO2 Storage Capacity in Colorado
    D. Ning*1, J. Boak2, A. Tura1, M. Prasad1(1. Colorado School of Mines; 2. Colorado Geological Survey)
    12:00 PM Midwest CCUS - Pore Space vs Pipelines
    B. Johnston*1(1. Enverus, Calgary)
    12:00 PM CO2 storage in Offshore Spain: Pore Space Assessment in Untested Saline Aquifers
    F. Pángaro*1, D. García Fernández-Valderrama1, M. Mañas Fernández1, A. Carrasco1, L. Pujianto1, M. Ron Martín1, A. Martín Monge1, L. Mozetic Meaglia1, O. De Mena Begay1(1. Repsol Exploración S.A.)
    12:00 PM Development of the Class VI Mapping Inquiry Tool and Class VI Data Tool Geodatabase
    C. Schooley*1, P. Morkner1, S. Pantaleone1, J. Shay1, J. Bauer1, B. Strazisar1(1. National Energy Technology Laboratory)
    12:00 PM Novel Reconnaissance Methodologies for CO2 Site Feasibility: An Early Appreciation of Risk
    K. Evans1, J. Mukherjee2, M. Kuhn*2(1. Consultancy, Halliburton; 2. Geology, Halliburton)
    12:00 PM External and Internal Controls on Petrophysical Heterogeneities of the Wilcox Group, Onshore Texas: Implications on Safe CO2 Storage
    S. Bhattacharya*1, C. A. Uroza1, Y. Li1, S. Hovorka1(1. The University of Texas at Austin)
    12:00 PM Carbon Storage Feasibility Assessment of the Vermilion Leasing Block, Central Gulf of Mexico, USA: Opportunities for Depleted Field and Saline Reservoir Storage
    L. Koehn*1, M. Tascione1, A. Ajibona2, E. Conley1, S. Karim2, J. Ogunleye1, U. Orivri2, A. Talapatra2(1. Geosciences, Virginia Tech; 2. Mining and Minerals Engineering, Virginia Tech)
    12:00 PM Effect of Viscosity Modification on CO2 Storage Efficiency: A Numerical Study
    P. Krishnamurthy*1, L. Lun1, A. Lee1, P. Patel1(1. ExxonMobil)
    12:00 PM Understanding Impacts of Variability in Regional Carbon Storage Formations: Mount Simon Case Study
    P. Ravi Ganesh1, M. Kelley1, J. M. Hershberger1, A. Collie1, S. Skopec1, S. Chundur1(1. Battelle)
    12:00 PM Statewide Assessment of CO2 Storage Capacity for the Cambrian-Ordovician Arbuckle Group and Selected Ordovician Formations, Oklahoma
    A. Turnini*1(1. University of Oklahoma)
    12:00 PM Assessing the Potential for CO2 Sequestration in the Chandeleur Sound Area, Offshore Louisiana, USA
    C. A. Uroza1, Y. Li1, S. Hovorka1(1. Bureau of Economic Geology)
  2. Room 332
    12:00 PM Integrating Pore Space and Confining Intervals to Maximize Dynamic CO2 Injection Modeling
    J. Bynum*1, C. Wethington2(1. Reservoir Technical Services, Baker Hughes; 2. Division of Energy and Mineral Development, Department of Interior)
    12:00 PM CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage Potential in a Tight and Fractured Greenfield Residual Oil Zone
    F. Yang*1, S. Frailey1, N. Grigsby1, N. Webb1(1. Illinois State Geological Survey)
    12:00 PM Advancing Carbon Storage in Offshore Louisiana: Evaluation and Modeling Potential of Two Major Depleted Reservoirs in Vermilion014 Field
    A. K. Eleslambouly1, M. Zeynalli1, A. F. Moncada1, A. Fathy1, S. Rouxel1(1. Khalifa University of Science and Technology)
    12:00 PM Integrating Geomechanics and Geophysical Methods for Field-Scale Modeling and Characterization of Microseismic Events and Induced Seismicity at FWU
    S. ACHEAMPONG*1, W. Ampomah1(1. Petroleum Engineering, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)
    12:00 PM Geomechanical Analysis of Caprock and Fault Stability in a Full 3D Field Model During CO2 Geological Storage
    E. Yu*1, S. Liu1, Z. Li2, D. Zhang2, H. Wu3, Y. Di1(1. College of Engineering, Peking University; 2. Exploration and Development Research Institute, Shengli Oilfield Company, SINOPEC; 3. School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University)
    12:00 PM The Effect of The Physical State of CO2 at Surface on the Maximum Well Head Injection Pressure Design for CO2 Injectors
    M. H. Alali1, M. Shawaf1, H. Qahtani1, A. Tubayyeb1(1. Saudi Aramco)
    12:00 PM Optimizing CO2 Injection Well Locations for Enhanced Residual Trapping and Dissolution Using Analytical Methods, A Case Study from the Middle East
    M. Valderrama*1, A. Ghamdi1(1. Exploration, Aramco)
    12:00 PM An Integrated Reservoir Simulation and Geomechanical Modeling of CO2 Injection at the Wyoming Dry Fork CarbonSAFE Geologic Storage Complex
    T. Bai*1, Y. Yu1, P. Li2, Z. Jiao1, M. Johnson1, C. Nye1, J. McLaughlin1, S. Quillinan1(1. School of Energy Resources, University of Wyoming; 2. Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming)
    12:00 PM Comparison of Computational Modeling Approaches: Depleted Oilfield Versus Saline Aquifers
    N. H. Nsude1, S. Tangirala1, B. Sirianni1, E. Torres1(1. Information Management Action Group, Geosyntec, Inc.)
    12:00 PM Impact of Model Boundary Conditions on CO2 Injectivity Prediction
    M. C. Nguyen1, D. C. Brock1, S. Raziperchikolaee1, A. Seitchik1, H. Qualman1(1. Battelle Carbon Services)
    12:00 PM Tracking CO2 Plume in Deep Aquifers through Distributed Temperature Responses along Vertical Monitoring Wells
    Y. Liu*1, L. Liang1, S. Zeroug1(1. Schlumberger-Doll Research)
    12:00 PM Coupled Simulation of SC-CO2 Fracturing, Gas Production and CO2 Storage in Shale Gas Reservoir with Multi-Component DFM-DDM Method
    H. TANG1, H. Teng1, C. Bu1, S. Wang*2, L. Zhang1(1. Southwest Petroleum University; 2. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)
    12:00 PM Chemostratigraphic Analysis as a Powerful Tool for Real-time Reservoir Characterization of Injection Wells: Enhancing Data Acquisition for EPA Class I and Class VI Permit Applications
    A. Liborius*1, A. Simone2, D. Tonner1, C. Mayorga1(1. Geosciences, Diversified Well Logging; 2. CCS, Geostock Sandia)
    12:00 PM Optimizing Pressure Management Strategies for Stacked Producing Reservoirs with Concurrent CO2 Sequestration in Aquifers
    K. Alokla*1, J. Lee1, T. Blasingame1, E. R. Okoroafor1(1. Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University)
  3. Room 332
    12:00 PM Paradigm Shift to Ensemble-based Modeling for Risk Mitigation in CO2 Storage Projects
    J. Mukherjee1, A. Skorstad*1, A. Olariu1, S. Ducroux1, H. R. Smyth1(1. Halliburton)
    12:00 PM Key Findings of the One Earth Energy 3D Seismic Survey Near Gibson City, Illinois
    K. Taft*1(1. Illinois State Geological Survey)
    12:00 PM Assessing Geomechanical Risk with Multiple CO2 Injectors on the Basin Scale: An Application of NRAP Tools
    R. Haagenson*1, J. de Toledo Camargo1, D. Bacon1, D. Appriou1(1. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
    12:00 PM Using Sand Tank Experiments to Model and De-Risk CO2 Geological Storage
    H. Ni*1, A. Feitz2, E. Tenthorey2, H. Nourollah3, S. Hovorka1(1. Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin; 2. Geoscience Australia, Canberra; 3. CO2CRC Limited, Melbourne)
    12:00 PM Simulating CO2 Leakage During Well Blowouts in Geologic Carbon Storage (GCS)
    P. Bhuvankar*1, A. Cihan1, R. Dilmore2(1. Energy Geoscience Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 2. National Energy Technology Laboratory)
    12:00 PM New Workflow for Uncertainty-Based Delineation of Area of Review for a Carbon Storage Project Using Pseudo Wells and NRAP Open-IAM
    Z. Printz*1, S. Lee1, R. Salter1(1. SLB)
    12:00 PM A Web-based Tool (NRAP-wSOSAT) for Geomechanical Risk Assessment for Subsurface Fluid Injection Applications
    W. Wang*1, J. Burghardt1, D. Appriou1, S. Saxena1, R. Haagenson1(1. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
    12:00 PM Enhancing Wellbore Leakage Risk Assessment for Geological Carbon Sequestration using AI within an Integrated Assessment Model
    S. Baek*1, M. K. Mudunuru1, D. Bacon1, N. J. Huerta1, D. Appriou1(1. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
    12:00 PM Method for Identification of Types and Amounts of Salts That May Precipitate Due to Brine Dry Out and Application to UK Southern North Sea Candidate CO2 Stores
    A. O. Badejo1, O. M. Ogundipe1, E. Mackay1(1. Heriot-Watt University)
    12:00 PM CCUS: Critical Analysis of Past, Present and Future Technologies as Enabler for Achieving the 2050 Net Zero Ambition
    D. I. Ipinniwa1, P. O. Obeta2(1. Subsurface, TotalEnergies; 2. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Africa Centre of Excellence in Oil Field Chemicals Research- University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt)
    12:00 PM Strategic Application of Model Simulation to Assess Risk Associated with CO2 Injection
    C. Mok*1, P. Li1, B. Carrera1, S. Panday1, H. Hort1, D. Kingham1(1. GSI Environmental Inc.)
    12:00 PM Measurement, Monitoring & Verification (MMV) Framework to Enhance Sustainability of Decarbonization Plan in the North Sea Area
    D. Ralanarko*1, W. Puspita Ningrum1, H. Fathan1, A. Badri1, I. Untung1, M. Maulana1, I. Pradana1, F. Darmawan1, E. Sunardi1, I. Syafri1, B. Adhiperdana1(1. Geology, Universitas Padjadjaran)
  4. Room 332
    12:00 PM Recent Updates on SimCCS Development and Applications
    B. Chen1, Z. Ma*1, B. Ahmmed1, M. Mehana1, M. Meng1, R. Pratt1, R. Pawar1(1. Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    12:00 PM Integrated CCS Storage Modeling for Optimization of CO2 Storage Development Planning under Reservoir Uncertainty
    M. Evazi*1, M. Babaei2(1. ESGWAY; 2. University of Manchester)
    12:00 PM Developing a Nationally Integrated and Publicly Available Oil and Gas Well Database to Inform Safe Carbon Storage and Infrastructure Reuse Opportunities
    L. Romeo*1, I. Pfander1, D. C. Amrine1, M. Sabbatino1, M. Sharma1, D. Tetteh1, J. Bauer1, K. Rose1(1. National Energy Technology Laboratory)
    12:00 PM End-to-End Workflow for Managing Large Volume Data from CCUS
    J. B. Kozman1, S. Lowery2, J. Lamb2(1. Consulting, Katalyst Data Management; 2. Katalyst Data Management)
  5. Room 332
    12:00 PM Pore-scale Characterization of Fines Migration Effect Induced Geochemical Interaction during CO2 Utilization in EOR and Storage in Unconventional Reservoirs
    B. Sennaoui*1, H. Pu1(1. Petroleum Engineering , University of North Dakota)
    12:00 PM Stress Sensitivity Modeling During CO2 Flooding and Storage in Tight Sandstone Core
    Y. Jia*1(1. Exploration and Production Research Institute, Sinopec)
    12:00 PM Experimental Study of Brine Compatibility on Water-Alternating-CO2 Injection in Low-Permeability Morrowan Sandstone Reservoir
    A. Morgan*1, W. Ampomah1, R. Czarnota1, S. Wang1, R. Grigg1, J. Tu1(1. Petroleum Recovery and Research Center, New Mexico Tech)
    12:00 PM Aqueous Nanobubble Dispersion of CO2 in Formate Solution for Enhanced Carbon Mineralization Using Basaltic Rocks
    H. Wang1, O. A. Carrasco-Jaim2, R. Okuno*1(1. Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin; 2. McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)
    12:00 PM CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers: Influence of the Variation of Static and Operational Parameters on the Storage Capacity and Plume Behavior
    M. Lima1, T. C. Mineiro1, D. A. Assis1, I. GOMES1, L. Guimarães*1, J. A. Barbosa2(1. Civil Engineering, UFPE, Recife; 2. Geology, UFPE, Recife)
  6. Room 332
    12:00 PM Surface Gravity Monitoring and Excess Mass Estimation of CO2 Stored in Deep Saline Aquifers
    M. MILANO*1, M. Fedi1(1. Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences, University of Naples Federico II)
    12:00 PM Development of Seismic Sources for Coastal CCS/CCUS Projects Considering Underwater Noise Issues
    N. Aoki*1, F. Murakami1, E. Asakawa1, T. Kozawa1, S. Abe1, T. Miura3, T. Nibe3, K. Yoshioka3, T. Tsuji2(1. JGI, Inc., Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku; 2. The Univ. of Tokyo; 3. JAPEX)
    12:00 PM Surface DAS as an Emerging MMV Tool in CCS: New Insights from sim2seis Workflows on a Southern North Sea Simulation Model
    R. Bachrach1, M. Branston1, S. Harrington*1(1. SLB)
    12:00 PM Borehole Gravity for Cost Competitive CCS Monitoring
    K. Walker*1, A. Posenato Garcia1, J. Nunn1, G. Lyman1, T. Richardson1, B. Dujardin1(1. Chevron)
    12:00 PM Enhancing Microseismic Monitoring with Machine Learning for Multiple Borehole Sensors: A Case Study of Illinois Basin Decatur Site
    J. Woo*1, T. Chen1, A. Delorey1(1. Los Alamos National Lab)
    12:00 PM Real-Time Microseismic Data Simulator for the Qualification of DAS Passive Seismic CCUS Monitoring Systems
    T. Mizuno*1, J. Le Calvez2(1. Houston Formation Evaluation Technology Center, SLB; 2. SLB)
    12:00 PM Design of an Autonomous, Integrated, Modular (AIM) Network for Monitoring Geologic Carbon Storage Projects
    J. Hunt1, B. Botnen1, T. Richards*1(1. Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota)
  7. Room 332
    12:00 PM The CCS-EJ-SJ Database: A Tool for Addressing Justice Challenges in Carbon Capture and Storage
    M. Sharma2, C. White*3, J. Bauer1, K. Rose1, D. C. Amrine2, C. Cleaveland3, L. Romeo3(1. National Energy Technology Laboratory; 2. NETL Support Contractor, National Energy Technology Laboratory; 3. NETL Support Contractor, National Energy Technology Laboratory)
    12:00 PM Carbon Capture Energy Requirements
    G. Bain*1(1. Enverus, Calgary)
    12:00 PM Energy Calculator as a New Tool for Monitoring Energy Consumption
    S. Ishutov*1(1. Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Concordia University of Edmonton, Edmotnon)
  8. Room 332
    12:00 PM Prediction/Assessment of CO2 EOR and Storage Efficiency in Residual Oil Zones Using Machine Learning Techniques
    A. Abdulwarith*1, M. Ammar1, B. Dindoruk1(1. Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston)
    12:00 PM A Deep Learning-Based Surrogate Model for Rapid Assessment of Geomechanical Risks in Geologic CO2 Storage
    F. Zheng*1, B. Jha1, B. Jafarpour1(1. University of Southern California)
    12:00 PM Optimizing CO2 Sequestration in Geological Formations: A Data-Driven Approach with Machine Learning
    M. Khan1, A. Khanal*1(1. The University of Texas at Tyler)
    12:00 PM Application of Physics Informed Fourier Neural Operator (PI-FNO) for High-Fidelity Rapid Forecast of Geological Carbon Storage
    Y. Falola*1, A. Calvo Nunez1, S. Misra1(1. PETROLEUM ENGINEERING, TEXAS A&M UNINVERSITY)
    12:00 PM Using MeshGraphNets to Predict Geologic Behaviors of the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project (IBDP)
    C. Shih*1, P. S. Holcomb2, G. Liu2, H. Siriwardane2(1. NETL/Leidos; 2. NETL)
    12:00 PM SMART-Fault Imaging: A Toolkit of Machine Learning Techniques Informed by Physics for Characterizing Induced Faults and Fractures
    Y. Lin*1, C. Chai2, J. Harding3, A. Kumar4, H. Wang1, H. Yoon3, J. Morris5, D. Alumbaugh6(1. Los Alamos National Laboratory; 2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory; 3. Sandia National Laboratories; 4. National Energy Technology Laboratory; 5. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; 6. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    12:00 PM De-risking Saline Aquifer-type CO2 Storage Resources via Machine Learning-based Reservoir Modelling. Case Study, Bunter Sandstone Formation, Southern North Sea
    E. J. Tillero1, J. L. Mogollon2, F. A. Tillero3(1. Reservoir Engineering, Movus Energy Solution; 2. Reservoir Engineering, Movus Energy Solution; 3. Production Engineering, Movus Energy Solution, Quito)
    12:00 PM 3D CO2 Monitoring using 2D Seismic Data – Deep Learning Solutions
    W. Hu*1, C. Li1, S. Phan1, A. abubakar1(1. SLB)
    12:00 PM Prediction of CO2 Adsorption on Shale using Machine Learning for CCUS Applications
    A. Ibrahim*1(1. King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)
    12:00 PM Prediction of CO2 Solubility in Deep Eutectic Solvents using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems
    Z. Hamdi*1(1. Heriot-Watt University)
    12:00 PM An Insight-Centric Paradigm for Data Reduction and Inference Speed Improvement at the Scurry Area Canyon Reef Operator’s Committee (SACROC) Unit
    C. Shih*1, X. Wu1, G. Liu2, H. Siriwardane2(1. NETL/Leidos; 2. NETL)
  9. Room 332
    12:00 PM Generating a Regional Data Inventory to Accelerate CCUS Deployment in the Midwestern and Eastern United States
    S. Skopec*1, S. Mawalkar1, M. Kelley1, A. Conner1, S. Chundur1, S. Pool2(1. Energy, Battelle; 2. West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey)
    12:00 PM Carbon Sequestration Risks and Rewards in Washington State
    W. Gallin*1, L. Florea1(1. Washington Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources)
    12:00 PM Evaluating the Potential for CO2 Storage in Federal Waters of Gulf of Mexico Shelf
    I. Faruqi*1, A. Bump1, S. Hovorka1, C. A. Uroza1(1. Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin)
    12:00 PM Results and Analysis from a CO2 Foam Pilot in the Permian Basin, West Texas
    Z. P. Alcorn1, H. Halsøy*1, S. L. Biswal2, M. Puerto2, G. Hirasaki2, A. Graue1(1. University of Bergen; 2. Rice University)
    12:00 PM International Offshore Geologic Carbon Storage Inventory and Meta-analysis
    J. Mulhern*1, M. Mark-Moser2, A. Choisser1, K. Rose2(1. Leidos Research Support, National Energy Technology Lab; 2. National Energy Technology Lab)
    12:00 PM Engineering and Drilling Colorado's First CCS Stratigraphic Well: A Case Study
    J. Jacobsen*1(1. Petroleum Engineering, Montana Tech)
    12:00 PM Industrial CCS in Nigeria: Workflows for Subsurface Assessment in a Developing Nation
    K. Evans1, C. Yallup1, S. Stanton2, O. Olonode1, S. Baines*1(1. Consultancy, Halliburton; 2. Halliburton)
    12:00 PM Unlocking Carbon Capture and Storage Potential in a Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoir of Neuquen Basin: A Pre-Feasibility Assessment
    A. C. ORTIZ1, G. S. Vila1, M. E. Patamia1, C. Ferlaza1, D. Lenge2, M. C. Rodriguez1, W. E. Arias1(1. Net Zero Carbon Solutions, Del Viso; 2. Oilstone Energía S.A., Neuquén)
    12:00 PM Implementing Broadband Processing for Improved CO2 Monitoring Based on Snøhvit Field Study
    M. B. Wilk-Lopes1, B. Osdal2, M. Haverl2, D. Fischer2, C. Trede1, H. Abd El Malak1, H. Neffati Rouai1, M. Branston*1(1. Geosolutions, SLB; 2. Equinor)
    12:00 PM Business Model and Feasibility of Carbon Capture and Storage in Depleted Fields and Large Subsurface Geological Sites in Pakistan
    S. Ahmed*1, W. Habib1, I. Ali1, A. Nazeer2, S. Ahmad1(1. Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, Islamabad; 2. Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Pakistan)
    12:00 PM Towards the Development of a Carbon Capture and Storage Hub in Trinidad and Tobago: PART 1
    D. Alexander*3, R. Hosein1, A. Jupiter1, P. Bradshaw-Niles2(1. Chemical Engineering, University of the West Indies; 2. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries; 3. Energy Systems Engineering, University of Trinidad and Tobago)
    12:00 PM Benefits of the Relative Geological Time Model in All Phases of a CO2 Storage Project
    A. Fernandez*1, C. Carvajal1, J. Marson1(1. Eliis Inc.)
    12:00 PM Project WyoTCH: Developing a Roadmap for a Sustainable Carbon Hub
    R. Middleton*1, M. Hannon1, J. Bennett1, C. Gilhooley1, M. Hernandez-Lara1, A. Mayer1, E. Middleton1, J. Prehn1, K. Sale1, J. Taylor1, T. Ziev1(1. Carbon Solutions)
  10. Room 332
    12:00 PM CCS Project Development and Pemitting: Remaining Nimble for the Next Generation of Sequestration Targets
    B. Roth*1, D. Riestenberg1(1. Advanced Resources International, Inc)
    12:00 PM Pitfalls in US EPA UIC Class VI Permitting
    T. Eggeman*1(1. New Phase Energy II, LLC)
    12:00 PM Applying the Perspective of the Insurance / Reinsurance Industry into the Risk Management Process in CarbonSafe Phase II Projects
    J. L. Barrios1(1. Energy, Battelle)
    12:00 PM The Regulatory Last Frontier: The Road to CCUS a Regulatory Structure in Alaska
    H. Beat1, R. Fitzpatrick*1(1. Division of Oil & Gas, Alaska Department of Natural Resources)
    12:00 PM A Quantitative Approach for Demonstrating Plume Stabilization under CCS Policy Frameworks
    J. Regorrah1, J. Hunt1, J. Templeton1, N. Dotzenrod*1, N. Azzolina1, C. Dalkhaa1, W. Peck1, A. Livers-Douglas1, K. C. Connors1(1. Energy and Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota)
    12:00 PM The Potential for Evolving From State Funded Investement in Geologic Carbon Stores to a Self-sustaining Carbon Storage Commodity Market
    A. Kirchin*1, V. Markouizou1(1. Technical Advisory, RPS Energy Limited, Woking)
    12:00 PM Modeling Cost of Offshore Carbon Storage in Saline Reservoirs
    M. Mark-Moser*1, T. Grant1, D. J. Morgan1, M. Marquis2, K. Bello2, A. Sheriff2, D. Vikara2, G. Liu1, L. Cunha1(1. National Energy Technology Laboratory, US DOE; 2. NETL Support Contractor)
    12:00 PM An Emitter’s Bottom-Up Approach to Carbon Capture Market Outlooks: Bridging the Substantial Gap Between Project Reality Versus Policy Rhetoric
    Y. Li*1, P. Perez pena1, E. Wright1, E. Zoco1(1. Clean Energy Technology, S&P Global Commodity Insights)
    12:00 PM The Bread and Butter of Building a Framework for CCS Applied to the U.S. Offshore
    I. Ombudstvedt*1, G. J. Koperna2(1. IOM Law; 2. Advanced Resources International, Inc.)
    12:00 PM Sensitivity of Carbon Storage Costs for Hydrogen Generated by Steam Methane Reforming with Carbon Capture (SMRCC) in the United States
    P. Liu*1, C. Ehlig-Economides1(1. Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston)
1:55 PM
  1. General Assembly A
    Julie Bloxson, Zachary Kita
    2:00 PM Caprock Remains Water Wet Under Geologic CO2 Storage Conditions
    A. Goodman3, D. Tapriyal3, F. Haeri3, D. Crandall*1, W. Horn2, L. Lun4, A. Lee2(1. US DOE NETL; 2. ExxonMobil; 3. US DOE, NETL; 4. ExxonMobil)
    2:20 PM Seal Capacity Assessment using NMR Technology
    J. Burger*1, M. J. Dick2, D. Veselinovic2, D. Green2(1. Chevron; 2. Green Imaging Technologies, Inc., Fredericton)
    2:40 PM Regional Subsurface Stress Assessment for CO2 Storage in Candidate Basal Reservoirs within the Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership Region of North America
    B. Fossum1, T. Jo*1, W. Peck1, A. Livers-Douglas1(1. Energy and Environmental Research Center)
    3:00 PM New FECM Initiatives to Facilitate the Rapid Expansion of Geologic Carbon Storage Deployment
    D. Damiani1, M. McKoy2, W. Aljoe2, R. Pawar*1(1. Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, US DOE; 2. National Energy Technology Laboratory)
  2. Room 320
    Elspeth Hixon, Malcolm Kent
    2:00 PM Characterization of the San Juan Basin CarbonSAFE Site Using 3D Seismic Inversion and Attribute Analysis for Improved Large Scale CO2 Storage
    A. Amosu*1, W. Ampomah1, D. Ulmer-Scholle1, L. Martin2, J. Tu1, G. El-kaseeh1(1. PRRC, New Mexico Tech; 2. New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources)
    2:20 PM Comprehensive Geological and Geomechanical Characterization and Modeling of Mt. Simon Storage Complex for Commercial CO2 Storage in North-Central Illinois
    O. O. Babarinde*1, F. Yang1, M. Khosravi1, N. Grigsby1, S. Frailey1, R. OKWEN1, Z. Askari1, C. Carman1(1. Subsurface Energy Resources, Ilinois State Geological Survey)
    2:40 PM Re-assessment and Simulation of the Illinois Basin Decatur Project: Integration of New Geological Insights into the Carbon Capture and Storage Evaluation
    J. C. Mejía Fragoso1, N. Cordoba Castillo1, B. K. Herrera Hernandez1, A. D. Roman Ortega1, M. A. Santos González1, S. G. Peñaranda González1, J. G. Barrera1, R. Bernal-Olaya1(1. Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga)
    3:00 PM Geological Carbon Sequestration Modeling in a Depleted Gas Reservoir on the Outer Continental Shelf, Offshore California
    K. Baldwin*1, E. Huchzermeyer1, N. Mondegari1, C. Ojukwu1, O. Racicot1, K. Smith1(1. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)
  3. Room 310
    Manoj Valluri, Rami Jasser
    2:00 PM A Cost Estimate Tool for Transporting CO2 by Rail or Truck in the United States
    C. Myers*1, R. W. Smith2, K. Dooley2, G. Markham1(1. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; 2. DOE/FECM)
    2:20 PM CO2 Blowdown – More Complex Than it First Seems
    S. KV1, D. Erickson*1, G. Hegde1(1. Wood PLC)
    2:40 PM Predicting the Formation of Corrosive Liquids in CO2 Transportation
    L. Miller1, D. Miller*1(1. OLI Systems Inc)
    3:00 PM Design Considerations for Large Capacity Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Hubs
    G. Hegde*1, S. KV1, D. Erickson1(1. Wood PLC)
  4. Room 330
    Luis Paz, Pramod Patil
    2:00 PM Effect of CO2 Pressure on Microemulsion Phase Behavior
    D. Hachem*1, Q. Nguyen1(1. Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, University of Texas at Austin)
    2:20 PM A Comparative Study of Supercritical Injection and WAG-CO2 in CO2 Geological Storage
    T. C. Mineiro1, I. GOMES1, M. Lima1, D. A. Assis1, L. Guimarães*1, J. A. Barbosa2(1. Civil Engineering, UFPE, Recife; 2. Geology, UFPE)
    2:40 PM Enhancing Oil Recovery in Heterogeneous Reservoirs with CO2 Flooding: A Simulation Study
    H. Ebaid*1, M. Gasser1, T. Yehia1, E. R. Okoroafor1(1. Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University)
    3:00 PM CO2 Storage in Carbonates: Saturation and Trapping in Edwards Brown Dolomite
    N. Darraj*1, C. Spurin2, S. Manoorkar4, R. Pini1, S. Krevor1, M. Blunt1, S. Berg3, C. Taberner3(1. Earth Science and Engineering , Imperial College London; 2. Stanford University; 3. Shell Global Solutions; 4. Ghent University)

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