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An Emerging Field for Energy Professionals

The maturing global carbon market is a major driver for deployment of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects. Both the subsurface technical knowledge and related data sets of the petroleum industry are major inputs required for the world to successfully move toward a carbon-neutral and sustainable energy future. CCUS has experienced growing interest over the past two decades, due to the desire to reduce CO₂ emissions and to make industrial sources more environmentally sustainable.

A relatively new field for Latin America, CCUS presents opportunities and challenges in emerging economies where national and independent oil companies must work to meet energy demand from rapidly increasing populations while meeting expectations from stakeholders and the international community to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fully understanding the technical, business and policy aspects of CCUS is critical to achieving successful net-zero operations and developments.

The CCUS event in Rio provides a multidisciplinary platform to highlight current CCUS work, address technical challenges related to implementation, and explore best practices for policy instruments and economic incentives that could make CCUS a profitable enterprise in the region.

The technical program features presentations from industry leaders and academic experts addressing reservoir characterization, subsurface storage modeling, site selection, injection and utilization characterizations, infrastructure and well design, risk assessment and monitoring.

Plenary sessions and luncheons highlight the role of the oil and gas industry in deploying CCUS in Latin America, CCUS as a cross-sectoral path to scaling decarbonization, social perception and communications in CCUS projects, and carbon removal technologies used to meet net zero targets.

Work presented at the event will demonstrate the ongoing need for skilled petroleum geologists, geophysicists, and engineers to help define the future of carbon management in Latin America and beyond.

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