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The Technical Program Committee is currently in the process of reviewing and scoring submitted abstracts for CCUS Latin America 2024. Please check back to see the complete program.


Plenary Sessions

  • Opening Session: The State of CCUS in Brazil
  • Panel I: Deploying CCUS at Scale in Latin America: Status, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Panel II: CCUS: a Cross-Sectoral Path to Scaling Decarbonization

Topical Luncheons

  • CCUS Case Studies: Best Practices in Americas and Beyond
  • Understanding Carbon Markets: Credits, Offsets and Investment Opportunities

Technical Program Themes

CO2 Injection considerations, EOR, and Utilization

  • Storage site mapping and characterization
  • CO2 injection modeling studies (field or laboratory)
  • Well Injectivity tests
  • Injectivity damage in CCUS projects (monitoring and remediation)
  • CO2 EOR as permanent storage - requirements and paradigms
  • Monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 in EOR fields
  • Economic evaluations of CO EOR projects
  • Foam assisted enhanced carbon sequestration and storage
  • Utilization of CO2 for non-EOR applications: synthetic fuels, energy storage, power generation and other technologies

Infrastructure and Well Design

  • CO2 Transport Considerations
  • Surface and Downhole Monitoring Design
  • Well Design and Material Selection Considerations
  • Well Coring, Testing and Logging Considerations
  • Surface-Subsurface Integration
  • Operations and Data Management
  • Drilling and Cementing Challenges and Lessons Learned
  • Remediating and Repurposing Existing Wells
  • Repurposing Existing Pipelines

Reservoir Characterization and Subsurface Storage Modeling – Risk

  • Subsurface Leakage Assessments
  • Baffle Systems/Composite Confining System
  • Induced Seismicity
  • Qualitative Risk Assessment Tools and Workflows
  • Geomechanics
  • Geochemistry
  • Impacts of Leakage on Shallow Aquifers
  • Risk Management
  • Site Performance Risk
  • Reservoir (plume) Modeling Conformance

Subsurface Storage Characterization and Site Selection

  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Storage Resources and Capacity
  • Injectivity Challenges
  • Containment
  • Regional Assessments/ Screening and Site Selection
  • DAC Regional Assessments and Site Selection
  • Geochemistry – Rock/Brine/Contaminant Interaction
  • Basalt Storage
  • CO2-EOR
  • Depleted Fields

Risk Assessment and Monitoring

  • Seal integrity
  • Geomechanics
  • Induced Seismicity
  • Wellbore integrity
  • NRAP tools
  • Risk assessment
  • Performance monitoring
  • Containment monitoring
  • Mitigation strategies

Case Studies

  • Demonstration/pilot scale tests
  • Large-scale tests
  • International projects
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • CCS in industry (blue hydrogen, geothermal,etc)
  • Advances capture technologies

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